SPS Settings Copy


SPS Cycle & Super-cycle copy recommendations 


Cycle level copy:


Beam process level copy:

By default the Settings Manager application of Anthony copies the ‘Correction’ part of the setting which is the CORRECT default.


Transfer lines (SPSInjection, CNGSTransfer, T2Transfer, T4Transfer, T6Transfer, LHCB1Transfer, LHCB2Transfer)

At the moment we are running with either TI8 OR CNGS (due to access constraints). It is necessary to set to the minimum current the IREF function of the converter that powers both the CNGS & TI8 mains (RPPDT.BA4.RBI.81606/IREF) MANUALLY for the line that is not used!!


Extractions (EastExtraction, WestExtraction, NorthExtraction)